What are the main accomplishments the artist has to deal with to exhibit his/her paintings at the Aiguillon International Watercolor Exhibition?

Dates of the Watercolor Exhibition: From October 10 , 2020 to october 25, 2020
The artworks of 50 painters will be exhibited, including 55 professional painters and new talented painters sharing their artistic skills.
Guests of Honor:

In 2019: 250 watercolor paintings have been exhibited, 65 paintings have been sold with frames , 40 originals watercolors  without frames ,about 200 books .

To expose at the Festival the painter has to :
– Complet this form : Application form
– Provide 10 photographs or pictures of his/her paintings likely to be exhibited, before august 31, 2020
By mail: Jacky Langlais, CAM, rue de Visé 47190 AIGUILLON FRANCE
By e-mail: cam.aiguillon@gmail.com
Phone: +33 (0)6 26 54 13 55.

A committee will meet before September 15th, and will select which artworks will be exhibited. The selection of artworks: The painter exhibits the paintings chosen by the committee during the selection process.

Regarding the painters that have been selected and who come from a foreign country, our organization will look for free or cheap accommodation, either in a host family or elsewhere (up for discussion).
Artworks Depository: For the 2020 Exhibition: the deposit of paintings will take place THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. at the town’s museum. If you send your watercolors from your country we have to received their octobre 1 , to frame . WE CAN RENT FRAMES (50€ for 5 frames and more and pass partut, give us the sizes)
Display Rights: The artists have to pay the display rights for their paintings: 70 Euros for 4 -5paintings +1 (reserved) + CATALOG free; and more without frame (depending on the space chosen by the organizers).
Support Award: 6 awards, representing a total amount 2000€ will be assigned to  professionals and new talented painters). The jury will meet at the start of the exhibition; and the painters will be awarded during the opening in the presence of important persons. These decisions will neither be subjected to an appeal nor a comment.
Percentage on sales: Our organization will get 15% back from the sales of paintings, books, and postcards.
Display: Only the organizers will be given the choice of spaces, the choice will not be made in any case by the artists. Guests of honor will exhibit a larger number of paintings depending on the organizers’ requests. The same pattern will happen regarding a tribute rendered to a specific painter. We cans rent frame (50€ for 5 frames and the pass partut)
The Opening: The opening will take place on SATURDAY OCTOBER 10 at 15h45  PM in the cinema .
Protection of the Exhibition: The security of the exhibition is expected every day from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Sunday included)
Responsibility: The organization will carry out everything possible to protect the paintings that will be exhibited through an alarm by night time and a security guard by day time. The organization will not be held responsible for any damages, robbery, or any other means or loss that would undermine the works of art. No claim will be accepted. The paintings’ insurance remains the sole responsibility of the artists.
Price of the paintings: The costs will include the frames. YOU CAN RENT FRAMES. (50€ for 6 frames with pass partut)
Closing of the Exhibition: The closing of the exhibition and unhooking of the paintings will take place on Sunday 25th october 2020 can leave his/her paintings for a longer period (under alarm protection) if he/she cannot take them back on this particular day. We can send watercolors without frames for the return by mail.

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